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When you needed a lawn yesterday, you need E&E Lawn Care to lay some sod!

 Freshly laid sod in a side yard

Sod Is The Answer When You Need Grass Fast

Sometimes you simply can’t wait for grass seed to germinate.

Hire E&E Lawn Care and you could have a lawn before you return home from work!

Sod is grass that’s been carefully raised on a sod farm.  Once the grass is mature enough, special sod-cutting machines cut grass on the sod farm into rectangles or rolls, leaving a 1-2″ layer of soil with the roots intact.

All that needs to be done after that is to place the sod on a prepared soil surface and you have a lawn!

The ‘Sod’ Fathers!

 Root removal for sod installation

Preparation is Key to a Successful Sod Service

There is an art, and a science to laying sod.

First is sourcing fresh, quality sod.  Without healthy sod, the service will almost surely be unsuccessful.  The sod farms are great at taking care of this for us.

The important part for us is soil preparation.  Sod needs to be laid strategically on soil ready to receive the new roots above.

We prepare the soil by removing any current grass or weeds in the area and tilling the ground.  Any rocks or roots are removed as we level the soil, and then it is time to start laying sod.

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